First Institute recognizes the importance of a safe, efficient and healthy work and educational environment. Being under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol on campus or at school sponsored functions poses serious risks to a person’s health and safety, and jeopardizes public trust that has been placed in the institution. In recognition of the serious effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the safety and performance of students and employees, this policy provides standards of conduct and clearly prohibits the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs by students and employees on its property or as part of any of its activities. First Institute has been designated “drug free” and only under certain circumstances is the consumption of alcohol permitted.  It is unlawful to sell, furnish, or provide alcohol to a person under the age of 21 and possession of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age in a public place is illegal.  It is also a violation of First Institute’s policy for anyone to consume or possess alcohol in any public or private area of campus without prior approval from the Executive Director.   


This policy certifies that as an employer who contracts and receives funding from federal agencies, First Institute meets the requirements of the law for providing a “drug-free workplace.”  First Institute recognizes its employees and students as being adults and expects them to obey the law and to take personal responsibility for their conduct. This policy applies to the school community, including faculty, staff, administrators, students, and visitors to the campus, including contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers and service providers. 


First Institute will maintain a workplace free of the illegal use of drugs. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, sale, dispensing, possession, or use of illegal drugs, the abuse or improper use of prescribed drugs, and the unlawful use of alcohol on First Institute property is prohibited. Reporting to work or class under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited. 


Legally prescribed medications taken properly are excluded from prohibition and permitted only to the extent that such medications do not adversely affect a person’s work ability, job performance, or the safety of others. 


Any person who violates the policy shall be subject to disciplinary action.  First Institute will impose disciplinary sanctions on students and employees consistent with institutional policies, and local, state, or federal laws for violation of the standards of conduct outlined above. All persons should be aware that violations could result in expulsion from school, termination of employment, or referral for prosecution. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to a requirement that the person participate in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program. School sanctions will be imposed consistent with procedures used in disciplinary actions for students and employees. 




Drug and Alcohol Abuse Education Programs 

For students, staff and faculty, assistance and information concerning substance abuse and its treatment may be obtained from student services.  Individuals may also refer to the resources below for substance abuse assistance: 


Recovery Connection www.recoveryconnection.org 800-993-3869 

McHenry County Crisis Program www.mchenry-crisis.org  800-892-8900 

Centegra www.drugrehabcrystallake.com  866-567-4793 

Gateway Foundation: www.recovergateway.org 877-505-4673 

RoseCrance: www.rosecrance.org 888-928-5278  

  • RoseCrance McHenry County Crystal Lake Office, 422 Tracy Court, Crystal Lake, IL 60014  815-363-6132 
  • RoseCrance McHenry County McHenry Office, 4501 Prime Parkway, McHenry, IL 60050  815-363-6132 


Drug Treatment Centers www.addicted.org 800-304-2219 

United Way Find Help Lake County   www.findhelplakecounty.org 800-892-8900 

Lake County Health Department www.lakecountyil.gov 847-377-8180 

Nicasa Behavioral Heath Services www.nicasa.org 847-634-6422 

Gateway Foundation: www.recovergateway.org 877-505-4673 



First Institute, in providing any resources for counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation programs, is in no way affiliated with these agencies. First Institute does not accept liability for any services, treatment, or counseling provided by these agencies or their employees.