Asking Medical Assistant Interview Questions

A medical assisting job interview is as much of an opportunity for you to gather more information about the position you are interviewing for, as it is a chance for the interviewer to evaluate you and the skills you learned in First Institute’s Medical Assistant program as well.

Confidence is important in a job interview and the questions you ask should be evidence of the work and research you’ve put into preparing for the interview. It helps to prepare your questions before hand and rehearse them with a partner. If you need ideas, here are four great questions you may want to consider.

What would a typical day be like in this position?
This is a simple question that you should help you to understand what will be expected of a medical assistant on a daily basis. What type of shifts will you be working? What is the balance of clinical and administrative duties?

What do you enjoy about working at this facility?
This question gives your interviewer the chance to give their candid opinion regarding the positive qualities within the clinic or health care facility and give you an insight into the atmosphere of the workplace.

Can you describe the medical facility’s culture?
This question helps to convey your interest in the working dynamics of the clinic or facility. A strong culture is often a primary reason for medical assistants to build a long-term future within their workplace.

What challenges will I face in this position?
This is a terrific way to show you’re willing to tackle tough situations and it shows you’re ready for the upside as well as the realities of the position.

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