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Dental Assistant Study Tips

June 29, 2020

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Needing some motivation to study? Use these study tips for First Institute’s Dental Assistant program to make more efficient use of your study sessions. Each student has their own effective study methods and ways they learn best, but trying new approaches will help you establish practices that will maximize your study time.


Two female dental assisting students in class


Take notes

Pay attention in class! Put away your electronic devices, unless you are using them to take notes. Remember you are paying for your education and it should be more important than playing Flappy Bird or Candy Crush. Taking notes during class is a valuable resource when reviewing before class and when studying before an exam. Often times, when you write something down it becomes much easier to remember what you wrote or at least where to find it in your notebook.

Make visuals

This can consist of diagrams, pictures, charts or even flashcards. Any sort of visual that you can create to remember information in a different manner will be helpful. Some people are able to learn better visually and it has been proven to be an effective method for all learners. These graphics don’t have to be drawn by an artist, just make sure that they are legible enough for you to be able to remember or recreate on an assignment or exam for a quick reference. Using colors on these visuals will often help you distinguish and recall the information based on color. Diagrams and graphics are a great tool for learning anatomy and morphology.

Study with a partner

Studying with a partner has many benefits. It is recommended that students focus and review their notes first on their own time and then get together with a classmate to go over any questions you may have. Quizzing each other is also a positive aspect of working with a partner. For dental assistant students, this is definitely an important element to studying for exams, especially for labs and practicing chair side assisting techniques with each other.

Study where you can focus

This is a very important aspect to creating positive study habits. Some people prefer to study at a library, while others get too distracted and focus better at home. Either way, make sure to choose where you can concentrate on your studies with minimal distractions. Dental Assisting students need to take breaks in order to retain the quantity of information they are studying.

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