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Dental Assisting Education

July 22, 2015

Complete Your Dental Assisting Education in Less Than a Year

Located in Crystal Lake and Libertyville, First Institute’s Dental Assisting program in Illinois is designed to help students acquire the skills and education they need to succeed in a growing and rewarding field.

You can complete your Dental Assisting education quickly – in approximately 50 weeks – and be qualified for a position as a valued member of a dental practice. Our comprehensive program is designed to help you perform a dual role because Dental Assistants have clerical and administrative responsibilities critical in helping the office run smoothly and efficiently.

What you will learn in the Dental Assisting program

We believe it is essential to have a full understanding of why you’ll follow certain procedures, in addition to learning how to do them. Our Dental Assisting courses include both theoretical classroom instruction and practical hands-on learning in a clinical setting.

As you complete your program, the importance of hands-on training in dental assisting education will become apparent as you complete the required 120-hour externship, which gives you the opportunity to work in a real dental practice with real patients.

Are you ready for a new career?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates demand for qualified Dental Assistants will increase up to 11% by 2028. With the right combination of attention to detail and Dental Assisting training, you can be on your way to a rewarding career.

For more information about First Institute’s Dental Assisting program, contact us today at 815-459-3500.



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