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Massage Program

Massage Program in Illinois

Located in Crystal Lake, First Institute’s Massage Therapy Program provides a variety of opportunities for students interested in the massage field.

Becoming a Massage Therapist can give you the opportunity to work in a number of places including spas, health clubs, fitness centers, hotels, resorts, and chiropractic offices. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of massage therapy jobs will increase 23% by 2022.***site website for BLS or hyperlink

Practiced for centuries as a healing art, massage therapy is quickly evolving into a growth industry as it becomes more widely accepted as an alternative therapy. The benefits include relieving pain, alleviating stress, increasing blood flow, and improving flexibility.

What you’ll learn in First Institute’s Massage Therapy courses
We believe it is essential to have a full understanding of why you’ll follow certain procedures, not just how to do them. The program includes both classroom instruction and hands-on learning.

The courses include background in anatomy, kinesiology and physiology so that you know how the systems of the body function. You’ll learn modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and sports massage, as well as reflexology and aromatherapy.

Good communication skills, the ability to put people at ease, compassion, and an outgoing personality are all essential to your success as a Massage Therapist.

Are you interested in a Massage Therapy career?
If you’re considering a new career and feel the call to help people feel better, consider becoming a Massage Therapist. In as little as 40 weeks, you can complete First Institute’s hands-on Massage Therapy Program and be on your way to a career you’ll love.

If you are ready to choose a Massage Therapy Program and would like more information about First Institute, contact us today at 815-459-3500.

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