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Medical Assistant Certificate

Why Earn Your Medical Assistant Certification?

Current and future students: listen up! Also, non-certified medical assistant program graduates: this is for you, too! It’s time to start thinking about earning your medical assistant certification. Why?

Read on to find out!

  • Employability: In today’s highly competitive job market, medical assisting employers are searching for simple ways to weed out candidates when sorting through stacks of resumes. As a certified medical assistant, you give prospective employers a great reason to consider you over less-qualified applicants. Some medical facilities even require certification for employment, so jobs may automatically be more available.
  • Possibility for more money: According to, certified medical assistants typically make about 10 percent more per year than their non-certified counterparts. We all learned at an early age that, on average, those who reach higher education levels earn more than those with less education over the course of their lifetimes. Think of certified medical assistant as the next education level after completion.
  • Job stability: Some medical facilities – hospitals especially – need medical assistants on the clock (or working on salary) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The best way to land and keep a medical assistant position with a consistent schedule (maybe certification will put you in position to choose what shift you work) is to be as well-trained as possible.
  • Display of dedication: The act of becoming certified shows that you’re dedicated to your medical assisting career. When your potential and current employers see your credential, you’ll be seen as a go-getter who deserves a bright future in the field.
  • Up-to-date knowledge: Most medical assistant-certifying organizations require some sort of re-certification or continuing education to remain in good standing. Certified or registered medical assistants are held accountable in knowing and practicing the growing medical trends.
  • Confidence: If your employment title includes the word “certified,” you should walk with a little extra spring in your step. Not only will you feel self-assured in your abilities – your employer and patients will, too.

Really, can you think any good reasons not to earn your medical assistant certification? Seems like there are several wonderful benefits of taking that next step after completing First Institute, so whether you’re a future student, a current student or are already a medical assistant, you can benefit from certification. First Institute can put you on the path toward a successful medical assisting career. Request Information to start training for your certified future.