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Medical Assisting Interview The 5 phrases to avoid in your medical assisting job interview

Job interviews can be tricky. Trying to appear professional while also wanting to seem cool, calm and collected can be nerve-racking. When you are nervous you are more likely to struggle for the right words to say, and out of habit, say something cliché. It’s good to be prepared for anything, but there is a difference in being prepared and sounding like you’ve memorized your responses.

A potential employer is looking for someone with fresh ideas and genuine energy to join their staff. If you can avoid sounding too “canned” or generic, you’re more likely to stand out in your interview. Here are five common phrases to avoid in your medical assisting job interview:

  1. “I’m an extremely hard worker.”
    It might seem obvious to throw this in, but the interviewer probably already assumes you are dedicated to working hard if you are considering a career in healthcare. Instead of stating the obvious give concrete examples of how you went above and beyond what was expected of you.
  2. “I work really well with others.”
    This is good to know, but still vague. Again, cite examples of how you can be a team player and how your ability to work within a team structure proved to be helpful.
  3. “I love a challenge.”
    This is another generic statement that says less about you than it would seem. Explain to your interviewer that you have an ability to learn quickly and can adapt to an always-changing environment. Again, examples are always better than fluff statements.
  4. “I’ll do whatever it takes.”
    An employer wants to know that you are ready to go above and beyond the call of duty, but you don’t want to sound desperate. The interviewer isn’t looking for someone who just wants a paycheck. Talk about your eagerness to work closely with patients and a team of medical professionals.
  5. “I am the perfect person for the job!”
    This is a bold statement that runs the risk of making you seem over confident and brash. Instead focus on how your skills and training can help their specific facility. Research the company and show what you’ve learned by citing examples of why their facility stands apart and what you can bring to the team.

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