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4 Great Reasons to Train for a Medical Assisting Career

April 27, 2015

Why Should You Get The Skills For A Career in Medical Assisting?

Have you always wanted to be a part of something special and have a career where you are truly helping people? There has never been a better time to begin a career as a Medical Assistant. The healthcare industry offers flexibility, stability and satisfaction. Here are four reasons why you should begin your bright future in a medical assisting career:

1.  Job growth and career stability

As healthcare technology continues to evolve, the role you play in the medical industry will also evolve. As a result, skilled healthcare professionals will always be in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of medical assistants is expected to grow by 29% through 2022. And with more people receiving healthcare, patient numbers are expected to increase as well.

2.  Fast-track your education

Go from the classroom to your new career quickly. If you’re dedicated, you can earn a certificate of completion from First Institute in as 53 academic weeks with the necessary skills and tools to be successful in the medical field.

3.  A career you can be proud of

You’ll feel a sense of personal satisfaction every day, because in your medical assisting career, you’ll be doing something makes a difference in the lives of others. You’ll be working face-to-face with both doctors and patients on a daily basis, helping to make what can be a frightening process for some feel more comfortable.

4.  Career advancement

Completing our Medical Assisting Program could be a gateway to other career opportunities in the medical field. There are a number of medical assisting career specializations to consider, or a position as an office manager in a medical setting. How far you go in your medical assisting career is up to you!

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