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Become a Dental Assistant

Personality Traits of a Great Dental Assistant

You can learn all the technical aspects of working in a dentist’s office, but there are some characteristics that are essential to becoming a successful Dental Assistant.

Attention to detail

There is no room for error when it comes to sterilization. You will need to follow protocols and procedures exactly in order to keep patients safe. It is essential to be accurate and complete when talking to patients about treatment as well as when recording patient information.

Communication skills

A dental office is busy and you will be communicating with dentists, hygienists, office staff and patients.


In the dental industry, your patients are often in pain. Some don’t like dental visits; others may even be scared. Some empathy for their situation can go a long way towards helping their situation.

Good organizational and time management skills

In order to keep the office running smoothly, it is important that you are efficient and have the ability to prioritize tasks.


With the hustle and bustle of a busy dental office, it is essential to practice patience with the staff and patients.

Positive attitude

Make it a point to handle difficult situations with a smile. A good attitude goes a long way with patients and staff alike.

Sense of humor

Seeing the lighter side of stressful situations and the ability to share a laugh with patients and colleagues alike can help make the job more enjoyable.

Team player


Everyone has strengths and weaknesses; it is important that everyone in a dental office has each other’s backs and helps out to provide the very best care possible.

Do you have what it takes to be a Dental Assistant?

First Institute offers a Dental Assisting program that covers the clinical and administrative aspects of the job. If you would like more information about Dental Assistant training in Illinois, contact us today. Call 815-459-3500.

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