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Alecia V, Medical Assistant

June 13, 2022

Alecia Valdez Medical Assistant Graduate

Meet Alecia V, a 2021 graduate of our Medical Assistant program who is currently working at NCH Medical Group. Alecia has big dreams in the medical field, and she chose the Medical Assistant path because this was the best first step for her on her journey into a career in healthcare.

Alecia would recommend First Institute because, “I would recommend FI to students who are not totally feeling the entire 2-4 year process right after high school. FI is a school that genuinely cares and treats you as a part of the family.

Everyone is different and learns at a different pace, but the smaller class settings, the flexibility of the courses and teachers, makes it easier to complete what needs to be done, and do it comfortably without feeling like a burden or the feeling of being rushed.”

Her advice to current and future FI students, “Don’t be afraid of asking for help, for guidance, and/or time.  Being open and honest with yourself and teachers will allow you to proceed further and will help strengthen the bonds of everyone at FI.   You are doing this for a reason, and that is to help you become the best version of yourself!”

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