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Going Green with Massage Therapy

April 23, 2015

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Earth-friendly tips for a healthier practice and healthier clients

Two male massage therapist students giving a woman a massage


Massage therapy and going green go hand in hand, right? Okay, so maybe massage isn’t the first thing you think of when talking about being environmentally responsible. Although massage may not be the obvious solution to saving the planet, every little bit does help and there are plenty of ways you can incorporate greener options into the practice of massage therapy. Believe it or not, being eco-friendly in massage is easier than you might think.

Earth Day takes place on April 22, and in celebration of our beautiful planet and Mother Nature, we thought it would be beneficial to share some “green” tips that will help decrease your carbon footprint at work, while still maintaining a comfortable atmosphere for your clients.

Go organic

Lotions, oils, cotton linens and even massage spa treatments can be organic. Updating these massage essentials to organic will benefit the environment and more importantly your client.

Regular lotions and oils can contain toxins, which can easily be absorbed through the skin. Organic skincare products are made without these toxins and are free of perfumes that may cause skin irritation.

Go organic with your cotton linens. Cotton is one of the most chemical intensive crops to grow. Organically grown cotton is natural. Natural cotton linens are produced from organic farmers who incorporate sustainable agriculture practices, which prohibit the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers in their crops. Organic cotton linens are better for the environment and ultimately healthier for the person who uses the product.

Clean green

When cleaning up after a session, use green cleaning products. Natural cleaning products are plant-based and are free of dyes and bleaches. Rid yourself (and your client) of hazardous products and clean green.

Save energy

Turn the lights off! Is it a lovely, sunny day outside? Let the sunshine be your light and take your table to the great outdoors. After all, one of the beauties of being a masseuse is the ability to work where you please – just make sure it’s somewhere secluded. Needing something a little more private? Crack open a window to let the breeze and some rays in, or do just the opposite and go pitch black with some good ol’ fashion candle light.

Save energy on your way to work. Whether you are still in massage school or work in the industry, cut back on pollution by finding a group of classmates or co-workers to carpool with.

Buy green

By “buy green” we don’t necessarily mean you need to go crazy buying everything the color green (although that may be pretty) – we mean buy from companies that support environmentally friendly business practices. Take things a step further and buy local. Think about it. Products bought locally cut out the fuel and transportation emissions used from when products are shipped, plus buying close to home helps boost your local economy.

Do what you can to give back to the planet and to live the healthy lifestyle you promote as a massage therapist. Whether you choose to abide by all of these suggestions or just start with one, every little bit helps. While you’re helping others relieve their stress, why not show a little love to Mother Nature while you’re at it?

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