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Dental Assisting Career

Dental Assistants are valuable team members in dental offices all over the country and play an important role in encouraging overall good dental health. With First Institute’s Dental Assistant program, you can learn the hands-on skills needed to support dentists and other members of the dental team.

Dentist offices function more efficiently with reliable Dental Assistants. These professionals work closely with the dentists to provide excellent dental care. This includes comforting uneasy patients, preparing them for various treatments, providing chair-side assisting during treatments and sterilizing the dental instruments.

On the managerial side, Dental Assistants maintain complex dental records, schedule dental check-ups along with procedures and work to answer questions for patients and their families regarding billing and payments.

If you are interested in a Dental Assistant career, request information today! We offer a Dental Assisting program that will prepare you for an exciting new career in the dental field!

Dental Assisting