The Secret to Excelling in Your Dental Assistant Program

Volunteer Experience – showing your dedication and passion for dental assisting

Aside from the pride, we feel when learning new things, getting a good job is probably the number one reason we go to school. When you complete your Dental Assisting program and earn your diploma, you set yourself up for the successful career you desire. But with all the competition out there, you still may need to develop a competitive edge. And here’s what we think is your best opportunity: volunteer experience.

Why should you volunteer?

Volunteering boosts your resume. When dozens of applicants apply for a dental assisting position, employers will search for qualifications and experiences that stick out from the others. You may have passed your classes with flying colors, but if your dental assisting diploma is the only item listed on your resume, grabbing attention might not be so easy. If you have dental assisting volunteer experiences listed, though, dentists searching for new dental assistants will see your dedication to the field and your passion for doing good work.

Volunteering increases networking opportunities. Usually, when volunteering, you’ll report to someone in charge of the event, the organization or the clinic for which you’re donating your time and talent. Get to know these people, work hard while volunteering, and make sure they know that you’re interested in pursuing a dental assisting career. You’ll be amazed at how much a professional reference can help you in your job hunt.

How can you volunteer?

Visit as many dentists in your area as possible. Tell them you’re training in a Dental Assistant program and you’re hoping to gather volunteer experience. At one point in their lives, they were probably in a similar situation and may be willing to let you volunteer in their dental clinics. But don’t get discouraged if you’re struggling to get a “yes.” Politely leave your name and contact information, and then reach out to more dentists.

Past and present First Institute students: tell us about your volunteer experience! We’d love to hear more about your success in the Dental Assistant program and beyond. Contact us at 815-459-3500 for more information about our Dental Assisting program.


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