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Grisel A, Medical Assistant


Meet Grisel T. Alcantar, a 2020 graduate of the Medical Assistant program. Grisel is employed at Advocate Medical Group OBGYN as a Medical Assistant.  Grisel is also a winner of the $2k Performance Scholarship in 2021 given out to an esteemed graduate who excels in and out of the classroom. Grisel chose First Institute because,

Alejandro L, Dental Assistant


Meet Alejandro Limon, 2021 Dental Assisting graduate who is currently employed at Village Green Dental Center. Alejandro choose First Institute because “it has a family environment to it. The staff genuinely care about your progress and want you to succeed. It took me a while to be nudged into going into the program, almost a

Amanda S, Dental Assistant


Meet Amanda Steitzel, a 2021 graduate of our Dental Assisting program who is currently employed at The McHenry Dentist. Amanda was an exceptional student during her time at First Institute and someone we are very proud to recognize for her career success. Amanda chose First Institute because it allowed her to jump start a new

Alecia V, Medical Assistant


Meet Alecia Valdez, a 2021 graduate of our Medical Assistant program who is currently working at NCH Medical Group. Alecia has big dreams in the medical field, and she chose the Medical Assistant path because this was the best first step for her on her journey into a career in healthcare. Alecia would recommend First

Help put the smile back on people


Are you a person that loves to help people get their smile back? Do you love helping people and making a difference? Do you want a rewarding and gratifying career? If you answered yes to these questions, then Dental Assisting is the right career path for you. Teeth are one of the first things people

Performance Scholarship


Do you have what it takes to win the First Institute Performance Scholarship? How does $2000 sound? Can $2,000 help you get your career off the ground? Are you the best of the best and want a chance to prove it? Then First Institute will give you that chance. Graduates are allowed to apply for

Erica S, Dental Assistant


First Institute proudly presents Erica Serna, a 2014 graduate of our Dental Assisting program. Erica is employed by Lakeland Dental as a Dental Assistant. Erica chose First Institute because of short-duration, hands-on learning, and she knew it would give her all of the skills to be successful in her Dental career. Erica recommends First Institute

Rilee B, Dental Assistant


First Institute proudly presents Rilee Babiarz, who is a 2021 graduate of our Dental Assisting program. She is currently employed by Conlon and Thompson Orthodontics as a Dental Assistant. She credits her instructor Betty, as an amazing instructor and someone she looks to as her mentor. Rilee recommends First Institute because “If you want a

Samantha C, Medical Assistant


First Institute proudly presents, Samantha Calanca, a 2021 graduate of our Medical Assisting program. She is currently employed at Advocate Children’s Medical Group. Samantha chose First Institute “because the school stood out for her and was very helpful from the moment she clicked on the link to look us up.” Samantha also stated that “First

Admissions Team


Meet Nick Eigenschenk, Sr. Admission Advisor here at First Institute for the past 14 years. Nick is passionate about interviewing individuals that are looking for a change or looking to move up in their current practice. The best part of his job is to get to see everyone from the first interview to watching them