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Tricia Maxim, Director of Career Services


Meet Tricia Maxim, Director of Career Services. Tricia has been with First Institute over 11+ years and she works relentlessly to help students get started in their new careers. In the last 11 years, Tricia has single-handedly helped close to 1,300 First Institute graduates acquire meaningful, impactful, and life-changing careers after graduation from First Institute.

Darrell Russell, Director of Financial Aid


Meet Darrell Russell, Director of Financial Aid. Darrell has been with First Institute since 2016 and is very dedicated in his work and in helping students secure the funding so they can pursue their education and career goals/dreams. Darrell started in higher education 12 years ago, at first working in admissions before transitioning to Financial

Julia B, Massage Therapist


First Institute proudly presents Julia Bruce, a 2020 graduate of our Massage Therapy program. Julia is self-employed and also works at Element Massage Studio in Lake Geneva. Julia said she chose FI “because the first moment I walked in everyone was so welcoming. I loved the flexible class hours so I could continue to work,

Caitlin C, Medical Assistant

Medical AssistingNews

First Institute proudly presents Caitlin Cradic! A July 2021 graduate of the Medical Assistant program. Upon graduating she moved to Madison, WI and started working full-time at UW Health. She absolutely loves being a Medical Assistant and in her first 6 months on the job she has received 3 raises. She said she is constantly

Brooke K, Medical Assistant


  First Institute proudly presents Brooke Kueking, a 2020 graduate of the Medical Assistant. Brooke is currently employed by Advocate Medical Group as a Medical Assistant. Brooke chose First Institute “because of the flexible evening/night classes along with online hybrid options, it fit in with my busy life” I also chose First Institute because of

Dental Assistant Study Tips

Dental Assistant Education

Needing some motivation to study? Use these study tips for the First Institute Dental Assistant degree program to make more efficient use of your study sessions. Each student has their own effective study methods and ways they learn best, but trying new approaches will help you establish practices that will maximize your study time. Take

Dental Assistants Career Outlook

Dental Assisting Career

U.S. News & World Report publishes an annual report listing the best jobs in the country. The report evaluates jobs on criteria including job growth, median salary, job prospects, employment rate, stress level and work-life balance. In its annual “100 Best Jobs” report for 2020, Dental Assistants ranked #66. Depending on the dental practice and the […]

Dental Assisting Students

Dental Assistant Education

Many dental assisting students take part in study groups when dealing with the hard knocks of school. Depending on the people you recruit to join you or the atmosphere in which you choose to study, groups can be very helpful to your grades and overall dental assistant career training experience. If carried out properly, study

Dental Health Is Contributing to A Surge in Dental Assisting Careers

Dental Assisting Career

How the Rising Importance of Dental Health Is Contributing to a Big Surge in Dental Assisting Careers There are a lot of outward gauges for health, but one of the top indicators is also one you may not think about as much: your teeth. There might not be as many hashtags or Instagram influencers for […]

And the Community Service Award Goes to First Institute!


For Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, and Massage Therapy Career Training Consider First Institute in Libertyville and Crystal Lake, IL At First Institute we take supporting our community seriously, and it shows! That’s why our accreditor institute, ACCET (the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training), awarded the Thomas R. Tillia Community Service Award to First Institute. We earned it because of […]