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Mary S, Massage Therapy


Meet Mary Schmarje, a 2019 graduate of our Massage Therapy program. Mary is currently employed by TLC Massage Therapy as a Licensed Massage Therapist. After graduating, Mary was confident in her skills, “my teachers worked very hard to teach us the curriculum in a way we would all understand. They were patient, honest and held

Choose A Massage Therapy Career

Massage Career

Do you work well with people? Are you a caring person who others trust in the workplace? Concerning your ideal job, would you prefer a position with a desk and office chair, or one that allows you to move around and work with both your brain and your hands? If you prefer the active route, and […]

Developing Loyal Clients for your Massage Therapy Career

Massage Career

Massage Therapy is a personal business; as such, providing excellent customer service is essential. Building repeat business is a necessity for building a base of loyal clients, whether massage therapists work for a spa or for themselves. There are two marketing philosophies that everyone in the massage business should know and adhere to. The first is […]

Why is there Growing Demand for Massage Therapists?

Become A Massage Therapist

Natural, Preventative Care and Aging Population Behind Industry Growth By all indications, massage isn’t just a healing practice; it’s big business! According to IBISWorld, a leading resource for business intelligence, massage therapy was an $11.7 billion industry in the United States in 2014. Demand is expected to increase for the foreseeable future, which will lead to […]

Sports Massage Therapy Career

Massage Career

Learn Sports Massage to Enhance Your Massage Therapy Career Students pursuing a massage therapy career: do you know about sports massage? If not, you’ve come to the right place! Sports massage isn’t just for professional athletes, contrary to common belief. When the practice was first introduced, yes, sports massage was intended to prepare athletes’ bodies […]

Self-Employed Massage Therapist

Massage Career

A career in massage therapy is attractive for many reasons because it offers so many options. You can choose which modalities you’ll work in, what kind of business (spa, resort, medical practice, etc.), and area of the country where you want to work. You must even consider whether you want to be a self-employed massage […]

Not-So-Typical Day as a Massage Therapist

Become A Massage Therapist

There really isn’t a “typical day” as a massage therapist, because most massage therapists have very flexible schedules. In fact, if you own your own practice it is likely that you will set your hours based on what fits best with your schedule. Other factors that vary among massage therapists are specialties, willingness to travel […]

Massage Therapy Practitioners

Become A Massage Therapist

The physical demands of a massage therapy career Massage therapy is a physically demanding career. Because they use the same muscles and recurring movements, massage therapists face repetitive motion injuries that few people experience. Many massage therapy practitioners develop pain and discomfort by falling into bad habits. In order to prevent these types of injuries, […]

Massage Therapy Etiquette

Become A Massage Therapist

Professional Etiquette Keeps Massage Therapy Clients Comfortable When most people think of massage, they envision a relaxing experience in which one can let go of their troubles and physical pain, while also rejuvenating their mind and body. And because the experience is so personal and involves close contact with a massage therapist, the client naturally falls […]

5 Most Beautiful Outdoor Massage Spas in the World

Become A Massage Therapist

As a Massage Therapist, you could qualify to work at a world-class resort like the ones listed here A career in massage therapy can come with many perks— one of those perks being the option to work just about anywhere in the world you want. Once you’ve finished massage school, the options are endless. Whether […]