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Dental Assistant Traits

April 23, 2015

Recognize these traits that can make Dental Assistants more successful in the workforce. Evaluate your own characteristics to see if you possess them to be a more effective Dental Assistant.


As a Dental Assistant, you are constantly working with a variety of individuals with varying backgrounds. It is important that you are able to understand and show equal respect for each patient. Some may be fearful of a trip to the dentist’s office and making them feel comfortable is part of your job. Other patients may be stubborn through their entire visit and while it is easy to get frustrated, it is still important to put yourself in their shoes and treat them as a valued patient. Remember: they are trusting you with their care!


As with any career and path of life, a determination is crucial to success. Dental Assistants are faced with many challenges daily and need to be persistent to be able to succeed in the dental field. This is even evident as you made your search and applied for Dental Assistant schools.

Strong Communication Skills

Having strong communication skills does not merely refer to being able to properly form questions and answers and stating your requests. While these are important aspects of communication, non-verbal signals are just as important for Dental Assistants. Being able to make and maintain eye contact with patients as they are speaking to you is important and is another way to demonstrate respect. Listening and responding to the patient are also key traits that Dental Assistants should possess.


First Institute’s Dental Assistant Program

Dental Assistants are valuable resources in dentist offices and if you have these traits or want to work to strengthen these traits, the Dental Assisting program at First Institute will provide you with training to help you succeed in your future career. Contact us today at 815-459-3500 for more information on our Dental Assistant program in Libertyville and Crystal Lake, Illinois.

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