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Hot Stone Massage Therapy Career

Massage Career

You’ve been thinking about the possibility of a massage therapy career for a while now. And why wouldn’t you? The job market for massage therapists looks good with jobs expected to grow by 20% through 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, you have the opportunity to help people relax or recover from […]

Massage Relieves Allergies

Massage Program

By Gina Kraman Allergy sufferers have another tool to fix their itchy, watery eyes, sinus pressure, and other seasonal discomforts without popping pills:  massage. Scientific studies of “psycho-neuro-immunology” document the connection between massage and healing, including allergies, explains Dr. Julie Kotiw.  In addition to being a chiropractor, certified massage therapist, and registered yoga teacher, Kotiw […]

3 Good Reasons to Join a Massage Therapy Organization

Become A Massage Therapist

Joining a professional organization has real benefits for massage therapists It is never too late or too early to get involved in a massage therapy organization as a student, recent graduate, or as an experienced professional! In order to enhance your career and gain valuable resources you should consider joining an organization or association. Here […]

Massage Therapist Skills

Massage Training

Think you have what it takes to succeed in massage therapy? Well, if you’re training with First Institute, so do we! Within the Massage Therapy program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of proper massage therapy, as well as gather a deeper understanding of the massage business as a whole. Here, we explain what we […]

Going Green with Massage Therapy

Become A Massage Therapist

Earth-friendly tips for a healthier practice and healthier clients Massage therapy and going green go hand in hand, right? Okay, so maybe massage isn’t the first thing you think of when talking about being environmentally responsible. Although massage may not be the obvious solution to saving the planet, every little bit does help and there […]

Dental Assistant Career Tools

Dental Assisting Career

Most of us have visited the dentist a time or two for a checkup. Some enjoy the occasional cleaning, while others avoid the dentist like the plague. Chances are, most of today’s dental employees didn’t mind their own appointments growing up – otherwise, why would they consider a career working every day in a dentist’s […]

Endodontic Dental Assistant

Become A Dental Assistant

The Dental Assistant program at First Institute in Libertyville and Crystal Lake is designed to prepare students for an entry-level position in a dental office setting. In general Dental Assistants can do anything from administrative to clinical duties. Some Dental Assistants specialize in a specific type of dental practice. If you get your degree as […]

Dental Assistant Traits

Become A Dental Assistant

Recognize these traits that can make Dental Assistants more successful in the workforce. Evaluate your own characteristics to see if you possess them to be a more effective Dental Assistant. Empathy As a Dental Assistant, you are constantly working with a variety of individuals with varying backgrounds. It is important that you are able to […]

Dental Assistant Volunteer Experience

Dental Assisting Program

Volunteer Experience – showing your dedication and passion for dental assisting Aside from the pride, we feel when learning new things, getting a good job is probably the number one reason we go to school. When you complete your Dental Assisting program and earn your diploma, you set yourself up for the successful career you […]

Dental Assistant Customer Service

Become A Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants are Key To Outstanding Customer Service The number of dental practices continues to increase, which means there is an increasing demand for assistants. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Dental Assistant positions will increase by an estimated 11% by 2028. Dental Assistants are extremely important to any dental practice. Why? […]